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If you've always wanted to take diving lessons, experience an unparalleled adventure and see the world under the waves, where it all begins. We invite you to PADI Open Water Diver course where you will receive your first diving certificate in the most popular and widely recognized diving organization in the world. Millions of people have learned to dive with PADI and have begun exploring the wonders of the underwater world through this course. TopDivers as PADI Authorized Diving Center, guarantees the highest level of training, multimedia lecture rooms and unforgettable moments you will spend with us.

To qualify for the PADI Open Water Diver course or Junior Open Water Diver course, you must be over 10 years old or older. You must have basic swimming skills and be in good physical condition. No prior diving experience is required.


The course consists of 5 theoretical sessions where you will learn the basics that govern the underwater world, introduce you to the principles of safe diving so you feel comfortable during swimming lessons or open water dives. Our multimedia lecture rooms and a well-equipped shop will open your way to the underwater world.


During the course you will learn how to use basic diving equipment including a bonnet, fins, respirator, BCD vest and compressed air bottle. We will familiarize you with diving equipment used according to different weather conditions from diving in the tropics to the cold waters of the Baltic Sea. During the course you will be equipped with a set of diving equipment. This is a new equipment, however, we recommend that you have your own ABC (mask, tube, fins) after the first classes. This will avoid unpleasant situations with a mismatched swimming pool. Certainly you will find something in our store.

Pool classes

When we match the equipment, we will begin a series of 5 pool sessions, during which TopDivers instructors will apply all the techniques, procedures and rules that you have learned in the course of the course. All training dives will be recorded by your TopDivers instructor and after that we will move on to open water dives.

Activities in open waters

Get ready to take full advantage of the knowledge you acquired during the open water swimming pool. After completing the theoretical classes, swimming lessons and passing the exam we will move to the south of Poland to finish the course in the quarry "Zakrzówek". During the weekend you will be waiting for four dives during which you will gain your skills and after joining them you will join PADI certified divers.

Price | cost of training - 1450zł

Price does include

  • 5 theoretical sessions and 5 pool sessions (about 10 hours)
  • PADI educational materials (book, logbook)
  • Admission to the pool
  • 4 dives in open water
  • Diving equipment for the duration of the course

Price does not include

  • PADI certification fee - 160 PLN
  • Costs of travel and accommodation to open water

Dates of training

fotolia szkolenie nurkowanie

Spotkanie informacyjne przed kursem OWD

18:30 - 19:00

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