Is this specialization for me?

He tempts you to take a deep breath. There is something exciting and mysterious to visit deeper dive sites. Sometimes it is a wreck, which lies less than 18 meters, and sometimes a giant moray or shark. Whatever it is, remember that you have to be prepared. All you need to do to make deep diving safe is to learn exactly what you are doing. Our instructor will familiarize you with specialized diving equipment. You will also plan your diving, practice partnering procedures and buoyancy. One of the elements of this specialization is also dealing with gas narcosis and proper implementation of safety procedures.

The prerequisite is to complete a PADI Advanced Opern Water Diver course or equivalent and be at least 15 years old.

What will you learn?

Your training will begin with a general look at the reasons we are pushing for deep dives and your personal limitations. During the four deep dives along with the instructor you will address the following issues:

Specialized deep diving equipment

Deep diving planning, partner contact procedures and buoyancy control

Control of gas consumption, dealing with narcotic nitrogen and general safety considerations

Price | cost of training - 500zł

Price does include

  • 4 dives in open water
  • Cylinder and weight for diving courses
  • PADI Educational materials (book)
  • PADI certification fee (160 zł)

Price does not include

  • Entry fee to the diving site
  • Cost of travel to open water

Dates of training

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