Adventure, emotions, tasks!


That's what your next step is in improving your diving skills. You do not need an advanced diver to join this course. On the contrary! We will recommend it to you immediately after the completion of the basic course. The PADI AOWD is designed to improve what you've learned before. At the base course you learned diving techniques, safety rules and the partner system. Now is the time for ADVENTURE!

Deep diving, underwater navigation, night diving ... and much more.

In addition, what's important for those of you who have just got their first PADI certification will be taking 5 more dives under the guidance of an instructor - your safety guarantee.


Together with the instructor you will choose 3 "underwater" missions from among the wide range of dives Adventure m in. Excellent buoyancy, night, wreckage or underwater photography. Two of the dives are required to complete the course: deep diving and navigation. During deep dives you will learn to plan and deal with the psychological effects and challenges that dives with depths greater than 18 m. The fifth dive will expand your underwater navigation skills, which you learned earlier.

Price | cost of training - 910zł

Price does include

  • 5 dives with instructor
  • Cylinder and weight for the duration of the course
  • PADI educational materials (book)
  • A night dive flashlight and a DSMB buoy for navigation dive

Price does not include

  • PADI certification fee - 160 PLN
  • The cost of hiring the missing equipment (Regulator, BCD, Suit, ABC, Computer)
  • Costs of travel to open water (accommodation, transport, meals, entrance to the base)

Dates of training

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Kurs PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

08:00 - 16:00

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