If you’re interested in rebreathers for their silence and
maximized no stop dive time, and are happy to stay
within recreational diving depth limits, then the PADI
Advanced Rebreather Diver course is for you. This
course builds on your PADI Rebreather Diver
certification by expanding your knowledge, adding a
bailout cylinder, and training you to dive as deep as 40
metres/130 feet. If you aren’t a certified rebreather
diver yet, no problem – ask your PADI Rebreather
Instructor about combining the PADI Rebreather and
Advanced Rebreather Diver courses.


hrough self-study and instructor-guided sessions,
you’ll learn about scrubbers, oxygen consumption and
bailout requirements, including how to configure a
bailout cylinder system. Because rebreathers vary
significantly, you’ll also study the manufacturer’s
literature for the type of rebreather you’ll train on.
During one confined water dive and four open water
dives, you’ll practice bailout and other emergency
procedures, as well as planning and executing deep
rebreather dives.


Beyond your mask, fins and exposure suit, plus
collapsible snorkel, if you have one, your PADI
Rebreather Instructor will advise you about the Type R rebreather
you’ll use. Your instructor will also fit you with
a bailout cylinder system with open-circuit regulator
and SPG.

After certification, you’ll need to qualify if you want to
use a different rebreather model because procedures
vary with each model. However, you don’t need to
repeat the entire course. Just take a PADI Rebreather Qualifier
program that focuses on the knowledge and
skills needed to use a different Type R rebreather

Your instructor will make sure that all Type R
rebreathers used in PADI courses meet requirements,
such as being third party tested and that
manufacturers ensure their rebreathers meet a
comprehensive list of requirements.
Interested in technical diving? The PADI Advanced
Rebreather Diver course may credit toward the Tec 40 CCR Diver
course on the same rebreather. For more information,
find a PADI Dive Center or Resort that offers PADI TecRec courses.

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  • Type R Rebreather
  • External bailout
  • Scrubber Cartrige
  • Learning materials
  • Oxygen & Diluent

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